Pink Bubble Meditation

By Carolyn Flynn

Recently I read the classic mind-body book, “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain.  Her book is amazing resource for those wishing to better understand how to use visualization, meditation, and affirmations to improve your life and achieve your desired goals.  She provides simple exercises and examples of how to tap in to your mind-body power to create health, happiness, success, and any other goal you wish to manifest.

Here is one of my favorite meditations from her book:

The Pink Bubble Technique by Shakti Gawain

Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply, slowly, and naturally.  Gradually relax deeper and deeper.

Imagine something that you would like to manifest.  Imagine that it has already happened.  Picture it as clearly as possible in your mind.

Now in your mind’s eye surround your fantasy with a pink bubble; put your goal inside the bubble.  Pink is the color associated with the heart, and if this color vibration surrounds whatever you visualize, it will bring to you only that which is in perfect affinity with your being.

The third step is to let go of the bubble and imagine it floating off into the universe, still containing your vision.  This symbolizes that you are emotionally “letting go” of it.  Now it is free to float around in the universe, attracting and gathering energy for its manifestation.

Isn’t that a wonderful meditation!

After completing the pink bubble technique with my desired goal, I decided to increase the power of the meditation and the mind-body message I wanted to send the universe by drawing a visual picture of my desired imagine and writing affirmations to claim my imagined desire as already being true for me.  By adding some affirmations and a visual picture for my conscious mind to focus on I created more neural pathways for my mind and body to help me manifest my desired goal into reality.

You can use these three techniques to help you achieve your desired goals and dreams into reality.

What will you put in your pink bubble?  Share in the comments below.

By Carolyn Almendarez

Mind-Body Solutions for Health and Happiness, Carolyn AlmendarezCarolyn Flynn Almendarez holds a Master’s degree in Counseling with additional studies in Nutrition and Holistic Health. She provides a unique blend of mind-body solutions to create health, happiness, and loving relationships. She is a strategist, problem-solver, and intuitive guide. She believes every woman deserves to feel beautiful, serene, and happy. She is committed to helping women create lives they love. She is the author of SMART Talk, Heal Your Grief, and Holiday Peace and Joy.


Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

Remember Your Loved Ones

By Carolyn Flynn

Memorial Day is a special holiday to honor your loved ones that have passed on and the men and women who have died serving our country.

The loss of friends and family can be a difficult time emotionally as you transition to life without them. You can heal your grief through remembering the positive memories of happy moments shared together.  Family traditions and special rituals you shared with your loved ones will also help your memories to thrive and your heart to heal as you share them with future generations.

Here are some simple activities you can do to remember your loved ones and honor the veterans in your community:

  • Share stories and memories of your adventures and activities.  Recalling the memories and emotions shared together will help to keep them alive in your heart.
  • Visit the deceased grave and spend some time talking to your loved one as if they are present. Tell them how much you love and miss them as well as what is new in your life. The essence of who they are never has to die and you can keep them in a special place in your heart.
  • Plant a tree in their honor or in the honor of the veterans that have died in service. Let the tree embrace the spirit of those you have loved so much.
  • Visit a Veteran’s hospital. Many veterans continue to suffer physically, psychologically, and emotionally years after they have served in war. A friendly smile and listening ear are a healing balm to those who suffer.
  • Make a memories scrapbook. Writing down your memories and looking at pictures are a therapeutic way to heal your heart and mend your soul.

For more healing tools and therapeutic techniques read Heal Your Grief by Carolyn Flynn available in paperback and ebook formats at online bookstores everywhere.


By Carolyn Almendarez

Mind-Body Solutions for Health and Happiness, Carolyn AlmendarezCarolyn Almendarez provides mind-body solutions for health and happiness. She is a licensed professional counselor, author, and creator of the SMART Relationship Communication program and the Happy, Healthy & Fit program. She is committed to helping women resolve stress, excess weight, and discontent to create loving relationships, healthy bodies, and fulfilling lives.

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Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.