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By Carolyn Flynn


Carolyn Almendarez

I am a strategist, problem solver, and intuitive guide.


It saddens me to see women discontent with their lives, unhappy in their relationships, and struggling with unwanted weight. I am passionate about helping women create a body and life they love – to help you feel good about yourself, your relationships, and your life.


When you feel good about yourself you make better choices, are more productive with your time, make more money, and most importantly feel happy.

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“I have gone from feeling confused and sad to thinking about the future…to feeling hope and excitement about what possibilities the future holds. These are all gifts from Carolyn.” – Meredith

I am creative, innovative, knowledgeable, and kind. My education includes a master’s degree in Counseling with additional studies in nutrition, holistic health, and eastern and western philosophies and medicine. I have over a decade of professional experience helping women transform themselves to create fulfilling and abundant lives.


I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful, serene, and happy.


Let’s make that happen for you now. Call today for your free consultation 480-788-2136.

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Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

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