How to Create Time for Self-Care

By Carolyn Flynn

It can feel extremely stressful to try to squeeze in meditation or relaxation time into your busy schedule. Making time for self-care can feel selfish. Or feel like a laughable joke of “who has the time?” You know that rest and relaxation is important for good health. But you may be thinking, “I have a family to care for, a business to run, and meetings to attend. How in the world am I going to find time for the luxury of rest and relaxation?”

The honest truth is that to find time to you have to create time, which means letting go of the nonessential. Creating time is about evaluating what is most important and letting go of the rest. Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD in his book “The Adrenal Reset Diet” details a simple three step process for creating some self-care time.

The Priorities Game: What Really Matters?

Step 1: Sit down and write down a list of your top-ten time commitments. Think of any extra things you do for work, on social media, with outside clubs or organizations you assist, or charities, activities, or social obligations. Write down the first ten that come to mind.

Step 2: Imagine that whoever is closest to you just had a health scare. You know for sure the person will be fine, but needs you by their side for two hours per day for the next two months. Which seven obligations could you cross off your list to be there?

Step 3: Most of us would do more for a loved one than we would for ourselves. Instead of crossing off seven obligations, cross five off your original list. You have just cut half of your obligations and freed up two hours per day for rest and personal care.

Surprisingly when you take time out to care and nurture for yourself you fill your well, thus generating more energy, attention, and productivity to give to others. It might sound counter-intuitive, but to give more to others, you must give to yourself. So now go take that hot bubble bath, read your pleasure novel, get your hair done, or go for a walk in nature. Do something every day just for you. Do something that gives you joy and pleasure. And if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your children, spouse, work, or whomever it motivates you to give more to. Taking care of you is a gift not only to yourself, but to others as well.

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Carolyn Flynn, LPC

Love, Life Health, Carolyn FlynnCarolyn Flynn, LPC holds a Master’s degree in Counseling with additional studies in Nutrition and Holistic Health. She provides a unique blend of mind-body solutions to create health, happiness, and loving relationships. She is a strategist, problem-solver, and intuitive guide. She believes every woman deserves to feel beautiful, serene, and happy. She is committed to helping women create lives they love. She is the author of SMART Talk, Heal Your Grief, and Holiday Peace and Joy.

Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

Making Changes

By Carolyn Flynn

Dear Friends and Subscribers,
Thank you for your patience as I have taken time off from my business and websites. I was feeling overwhelmed and overloaded trying to implement all of the marketing advice so I decided to take a break and figure out what I really wanted. I was feeling busy, but nonproductive. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, not just add to the noise on the internet. Being an avid learner and thinker I have a tendency to over complicate things and soon found myself in analysis paralysis, and everything came to a screeching halt.

I’m a strong believer in keeping things simple. So I took the advice I so often give my clients and shut out the outside noises and spent time going deep within myself for answers and direction. Spending time in silence and writing down my thoughts and feelings, I repeatedly asked myself, “What do I enjoy?”, “How do I want to spend my time?”, and “What fulfills me?” All the noise simplified to three simple things: I enjoy writing, painting, and making a difference in the world. Everything else is just noise and complications.

So I am simplifying my websites, mailing lists, and projects to two simple focuses:

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I want to keep things simple while making a difference in your life. I welcome any feedback, questions, or topic requests.

In the upcoming year I have planned many new “Love, Life, and Health” related articles, nature inspired paintings, the publication of two new books and more in the works. My new books “Weight Loss Solutions” and “SMART Relationship Communication” will be published in 2016. Friends and family on my mailing lists will be invited to get the books for free. Next week you’ll receive “Five Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday”.

I appreciate your patience as I have taken time off for myself. I look forward to providing you with a host of helpful insights and inspiration to make your love, life, and health the best it can be.

Carolyn Flynn Almendarez

Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.