Picnic Romance

By Carolyn Flynn

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50 Summertime Romantic Ideas

By Carolyn Flynn

Nature Romance

Have a romantic picnic
Walk barefoot in the park
Play on the swings
Pick wildflowers
Go for a sunrise hike
Dance in the moonlight
Make s’mores and cuddle by the fire
Sleep under the stars
Sing in the rain
Plant a garden
Go stargazing
Swim in the ocean
Build sandcastles on the beach
Write I love you in the sand

Adventure Romance

Pretend you’re tourists for a day
Do yoga in the park
Train for marathon together
Explore a museum
Try a Zumba class together
Go to an amusement park
Share a snow cone
Go to a farmers market
Go to an art festival
Travel to someplace new
Go to the drive in
Attend outdoor theater
Grill outdoors
Play flag football
Go to the zoo
Go biking together
Visit an art museum
Take a class together

Playful Romance

Wear a romantic sundress
Play in the pool
Run through the sprinklers
Watch fireworks snuggled together
Share jokes and funny stories
Buy matching t-shirts
Pretend you’re super heroes for the day
Race paper sailboats
Toss water balloons
Have a water gun fight
Make art with sidewalk chalk

Bedroom Romance

Take a nap together naked
Have a late night movie marathon
Make out during commercials
Read a romantic novel together
Take a shower together
Wear sexy lingerie
Spend all day in bed together

How will you fill your summer with romance?
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Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

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