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By Carolyn Flynn

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By Carolyn Flynn

An easy and fun way to spice up the routine of your day is to send your sweetie a spicy photo of you. If you have a camera phone it is even easier. You don’t have to send naked pictures – in fact I wouldn’t recommend it. Give him a tease, a flirt, a taste of what’s waiting for him at home.

Here are some easy guidelines:

1. Don’t take or send any photos you wouldn’t mind ending up on the Internet. We’ve all heard countless stories of intimate photos getting posted on the Internet by someone else. Save yourself the embarrassment. Thanks to digital cameras if you do want to have that kind of play, take them, enjoy them, and immediately destroy them. Before taking any photos or videos have both parties be in agreement that you will destroy them immediately afterward.

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2. Focus on a single body part. Your neck, torso, and toes can all be sensual reminders of the rest of the woman attached to these delightful parts.romantic relationship, sexy body

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3. Give him a glimpse of your nightie or lingerie. A piece of lace, a little ribbon, or your belly button delicately covered by sheer fabric will tantalize his mind and stimulate his day.romantic relationship, sexy lingerie

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4. Send a photo of you luxuriating in bed. A happy, peaceful, sensual photo of you lying in your favorite place will make him want to hurry up and join bedding, romantic relationship, sexy bed

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5. Send a photo of something you enjoy doing together or has special meaning to the two of you. A snapshot of your favorite place, thing, or activity will get him revved up and ready to play.romantic relationship, romantic horse

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6. Have fun and be creative. You’re sending a piece of you to brighten his day.

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Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

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