Want To Have Great Sex?

By Carolyn Flynn

great sexLearn The Secrets from your Children:

Say What You Want: Kids boldly declare what they want when they want it. None of this magical mind reading ‘if he loved me he would know’ kind of thinking. Children know what pleases them and aren’t afraid to ask for it. No holding back for fear of sounding silly or demanding, they want it, they say it. And why, because they know if they ask for it, there’s a good chance they might actually get it. Still not convinced? Take a kid to a toy store and you’ll see it in full blossom. “I want, I want, I want….” Speak up; you just might get what you ask for. Read the rest of this entry »

Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.