To Improve Your Relationship Listen

By Carolyn Flynn

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Women often need to talk out their feelings, stressors, thoughts, and concerns; this helps them to connect with other individuals.

Unless she directly asks you to “fix” or resolve a problem or concern she typically is talking to free up her mind and get a sense of understanding or support from the listener. Withhold your male sense to “fix it” and just listen.

If you’re not sure if she needs listening or fixing, ask her, “Do you need me to just listen, or are you asking me to help you solve a problem?” This is the best way to avoid conflict and miscommunication.

Men typically don’t share just to be heard so this may feel awkward or uncomfortable for you. But as you practice it will become easier and your relationship will greatly improve.

By Carolyn Flynn

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Carolyn Flynn is a Relationship Expert and author of Heal Your Grief, SMART Talk, and Holiday Peace And Joy.

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